LEGO® Brick Building and Robotics for Kids

LEGO® Robotics Club

The Bricks 'n Bots Robotics Club is similar to our Jr Robotics class but with more flexibility and independent work. The club participation is on a monthly basis with no commitment, and the opportunity for make up classes. Choose 4 classes a month to attend.

Participants can join anytime and will work at their own pace as they take on a building and coding project each club meeting. Instruction and teacher interaction will be more 1 on 1. 

WHERE: 43490 Yukon Dr, Suite 112, Asburn

WHO: Ages 6 - 12


Any level of experience is welcome, we'll work with the kids to determine which projects will most benefit them. Beginners start with the Lego WeDo 1.0 Hungry Alligator where they will explore how the crown gear interacts with a 24 tooth gear to enable the alligator's jaw to open and close, and discover the motion sensor, after they build and program the Lego alligator. Participants will progress through the lessons including the more scientific explorations of the WeDo 2.0 Lego construction kits using tablets and blue tooth. 


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